Please join us in our Bi-Weekly Club Meeting

Where: On Zoom (Meeting ID: 654 374 6038, Passcode: bBR55v)

When: 8 AM PST on 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month

Meeting Recordings
Date Speaker Topic Link
28 Sept 2024 Rani Kulkarni TBD Join
14 Sept 2024 Merridith Gonzalez Brain Health & Cognitive Screening Join
24 August 2024 Suman Srinath One health: why is it my problem? Join
10 August 2024 Shabana Safdari Meditation related Join
27 July 2024 Jill Duerig DG Club Visit Join
13 July 2024 Lynne Imhof Successful relationships through setting boundaries Join
22 June 2024 Dean Schantz The Story you Tell - Increase your Influence Watch
08 June 2024 Swami Mukundananda The Health and Wellness Benefits of Cultivating Your Spirituality Watch
25 May 2024 Deepika Metkar Pranayama- Breathing Techniques Watch
11 May 2024 Sudhakar Ingle Laughter Yoga Watch
13 Apr 2024 Dr. Guntur Naga Bhavan Prasad Stress and Related Diseases - Management through Yoga and Naturopathy Watch
23 Mar 2024 Madhu Maruthamuthu Emotional Freedom Watch
9 Mar 2024 Dr. Aseem Upadhayaya Secret to Happy, Healthy, Prosperous and Meaningful Life - Part 2 Watch
24 Feb 2024 Dr. Aseem Upadhayaya Secret to Happy, Healthy, Prosperous and Meaningful Life - Part 1 Watch
10 Feb 2024 Kevin Walton Immigration and Social Security Watch
27 Jan 2024 Rupali Dalal Basics of Ayurveda and Gut Health Watch
13 Jan 2024 Karen Reimers Positive Psychiatry of Aging Watch
9 Dec 2023 Sudhakar Ingle Laughter Yoga Watch
11 Nov 2023 Rocio Herbert How Methane is affecting climate change Watch
28 Oct 2023 Hung Wei - Visit DG Club Visit Watch
14 Oct 2023 Dr. Shubhada Kulkarni Understanding Geriatric Care Watch
23 Sep 2023 Ruchika Behal Nutrition and Detoxing Watch
9 Sep 2023 Katie Vasicek Quiet your Inner Critic: mental fitness for a positive mindset Watch
26 Aug 2023 Merridith Gonzalez Long Term Care planning Watch
12 Aug 2023 Dr. Suman Srinath Pandemic of Misinformation Watch
22 Jul 2023 Kevin Walton What to know about Social Security, the earlier the better! Watch
8 Jul 2023 Anu Peshawaria Lives on the Brink: A Book by Anu Peshawaria on immigrant stories. Watch
24 Jun 2023 Simon Patel Why is Yoga not working for you? Watch
10 Jun 2023 Carrie Williams Eyes on the Prize - Effective Goal Setting Watch
27 May 2023 How to strengthen your relationship when you have children Janet Price Watch
13 May 2023 Shabana Safdari Healing Powers of Yoga Therapy Watch
22 Apr 2023 Yamini Varshney Emotions & Weight Watch
08 Apr 2023 Anita Kumari 11 tips for unstoppable confidence Watch
25 Mar 2023 Swami Mukundananda Building Mental Immunity Watch
11 Mar 2023 Dr. Misha Sharma Gut Immunity & Health Watch
25 Feb 2023 Past DG Ramesh Hariharan Rotary 4 Way Test Watch
11 Feb 2023 District Governer Savita Vaidhyanathan DG Club Visit - Health of District 5170, Governor’s project for girls’ health and empowerment Watch
28 Jan 2023 Dr. Smita Mehta Hard to control the Mind?  Know the source of mental afflictions Watch
14 Jan 2023 Trisha Bright The Happiness Lab Watch
10 Dec 2022 Nivedita Ganapathi Forgiveness- The key to your freedom Watch
12 Nov 2022 Rahul Tripathi SKY Breath Meditation Watch
08 Oct 2022 Dr. Smita Mehta Me and My Problems: Who is Responsible?  Watch
24 Sep 2022 Dr Raghavan Murugan, Department of Critical Care Medicine, Univeristy of Pittsburg Kidney Disease and why you need to know about it Watch
10 Sep 2022 Swapna Punyakoteeswaran Lessons/Summary from 7 Mindsets for Success, Happiness and Fulfilment Book Watch
27 Aug 2022 Dr Raghavan Murugan, Department of Critical Care Medicine, Univeristy of Pittsburg Diabetes: Causes and Prevention Watch
13 Aug 2022 Shivani Tripathi Live Right for your body type(Vata, Pitta, Kapha) Watch
23 Jul 2022 Janak Anand Practical tips to implement in daily eating habits Watch
11 Jun 2022 Devi Yoga and Ayurveda for Ultimate Well Being Watch
28 May 2022 Shivani Tripathi Practical Ayurveda tips to keep us healthy and the doctor away Watch
23rd Apr 2022 Balreet Kaur Multi Facial Reflexology Watch
09 Apr 2022 Dr. S. K. Dash Probiotics - What to know about them? Watch
26 Mar 2022 Susan Aiken Living an emotionally balanced life Watch
12 Mar 2022 Dr Deshmukh Practical Tips for staying healthy Watch